My 2012 list of shame

I just sat down to start compiling my list of my favourite 10 films from the past year and it struck me how many ‘great’ films I haven’t seen this year. I’m talking about the kind of films that seem to have regularly cropped up on ‘top films’ lists in the past couple of weeks. This was down to a combination of not enough hours in my week or my local cinema not showing some of the smaller films for more than one night, if at all. Luckily, despite not showing some of the smaller films, the Cineworld in Witney did manage to show the latest Twilight film on two of its five screens for well over two weeks. Good work. 

I suppose this could be categorised as a spoilers for my actual top 10 of the year, in that anything on here won’t be in that list.

  • Rust and Bone
  • The Master
  • Perks of Being a Wallflower
  • Lawless
  • ParaNorman
  • Cabin in the Woods
  • End of Watch 
  • Headhunters
  • Beasts of the Southern Wilds
  • Killer Joe
  • The Imposter

I’m already planning to rectify some of these as soon as they appear on Netflix, although I’ve been meaning to watch Headhunters on there for the past 4 weeks and well I’ve still not seen it.

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