Second Christmas

Thanks to my annual round of Christmas/Birthday vouchers all of this was waiting for me when I got home. Well I say waiting for me, the PS3 games were indeed inside hanging out of the letterbox. The 3DS? Well that had been delivered to my next door neighbour, which I know because I checked the online tracking. It’s a good job I did check the tracking because the delivery driver decided not to put a card through the door to say where he’d left it. 

I’m really looking forward to…everything, actually. I’ve held off buying a 3DS for ages but got tempted into after reading a lot of good things about them, I’ve only ever played with one for 3 minutes in GAME while I waited for my wife to stop messing about in Primark. I’m sure I will post something more in depth about it soon, but not tonight because we’re going to the cinema for the first time this year to see Quartet. Expect a review of that over the weekend. 

If previous progress is anything to go by it will take me rather a long time to get round to sinking a lot of time into the PS3 games. I just need to decide which one to start with…

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