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It’s been a pretty good year as far as the small screen is concerned; there’s been the usual suspects coming back for great series, an old favourite back from the dead and there’s even space for a new series on …

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Wow. That was a great way to end things, the perfect end to a fantastic series. Expect a more detailed review once I have access to a computer!

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As always, I’d advise against reading this if you haven’t seen the latest episode of Breaking Bad (the tenth episode of season five, Buried) because my review does contain plot spoilers. It seems like everyone is having a bit of …

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A quick warning, if you’ve not seen this episode there are spoilers for everything up to and including season 5 episode 9 of Breaking Bad. It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally here, the second half of the …

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This week’s episode focused on Lucy, the barmaid from The Lake Pub, and it was (for the most part) a much gentler episode after the violent and unsettling stuff of recent episodes. Things open up with Lucy arriving in the …

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