The Buckley & Hodges Technology Half Hour

Episode 9 – Jackets, Jabs and Jacks

After returning from a holiday our adventurers continue their wander through the realms of technology – attacking exploding Samsung phones, the new iPhone and the new Playstation.

Episode 8 – Bitcoins, Bulbasaurs and Beats (Download)

This week Oli asks lots of stupid questions about Bitcoin, we discuss Pokemon Gone and the lonely of life and space.

And Oli forgets to mention Troy Hunt….

Episode 7 – Dungeons, DDoS and Deadites

This week two grown men get angry at idiot on YouTube, struggle with the language the cool kids use and talk about passwords, Dungeons and Dragons, cybercrime economies and deadites – all in one snack sized portion. Oh and Oli continues to stalk Troy Hunt …

Episode 6 – I am the Gatekeeper

This week a chat through Verizon’s continued crazy purchases, Canadian ghostbusting and the Sam Allardyce of passwords.

Episode 5 – Pin numbers, pilots and pokemon(download)

This week we wander through the tall grass hunting for Mr Mime. Whilst also chatting about Tesla’s autopilot, Pins and Adam Buxton.

Episode 4 – A New Hope (download)

This week the boys’ ramblechat covers everything from infidelity detecting mattresses, good looking Australian cyber experts, ransomware and HTTPS by default.

Episode 3 – Internet of Nonsense (download)

In an ongoing saga our heroes discuss the Internet of Things, Warcraft, No Man Sky, flashy dog collars and generally prattle on stupid gadgets.

Episode 2 – Supa Dupa Mega Breaches (download)

A ramblechat through Google IO, Pavlok and mega breaches. With lots of juicy danglers for future episodes. And Oli rants about Top Cat and the demise of the banking sector. This week we only spoil Usual Suspects and Avengers Age of Ultron – which we’d spoiled last week anyway !

Episode 1 – Machine Learning vs. Artificial Intelligence (download)

The first episode of The Buckley and Hodges Technology Half Hour in which we talk about the 538 podcast, Pornhub bug bounties, machine learning vs. artificial intelligence and we spoil a whole lot of old movies.